The Barock’nroll Collection – Le Louis-Philippe

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1 – A Frame in the style of Louis-Philippe painted in mat black.

2 – The springs ; the plant fiber filler.

3 – Plant fiber filler packing with burlap, small nails stitching around the seat to finish. Stitching and sewing the corners of the seat so there is no sagging.

4 – The backrest is made the same way as the seat (without springs) with plant fiber filler, wrapped with burlap and then quilted.

5 – ‘Mise en Blanc’ with a stretched white canvas nailed every centimeter…  the Armchair is ready to be dressed!

6 – Dressing : Louis-Philippe.

Jean’s jacket makes the tone for the seat.  The jacket follows the contours perfectly.
The backrest works on both sides.  On the back a patch has been sown and the word ‘ROCK’   On the front a ‘visual’ has been fixed saying Hard Rock!

The upper part of the chair is decorated with a belt of nails, something always popular with Rockers.
A nail finish was needed ! Black gloss on the dossier and nickel on the seat.
Small skeletons lurking her and there…