The Gala Collection – La chauffeuse

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1 – Springs, plant fiber filler… lots of fiber filler.

2 – Packing made of plant fiber filler with burlap, small nails all centimeters around the seat to finish it. Sewing and stitching corners of the seat so that they remain firm.

3 – The backrest is completed in the same way as the seat (without springs) with plant fiber filler, wrapped with burlap, and then tapped into place.

4 – ‘Mise en blanc’. A white canvas is stretched and nailed all in centimeters.  And now the armchair is ready to be dressed.

5 – The Dress: a Gala dress.

6 – A black velvet sheath.

  • Two organza petticoats, another a light pink, and then one in fuchsia all sewn by hand.
  • A collar of black and fuschia feathers sewn by hand
  • Black lace sewn by hand as a finishing touch.
  • 4 light pink satin knots sewn by hand, each corner decorated with a Swarovski crystal.

Bijouseat excels…

  • In a bedroom… a heartwarming accessory.
  • Next to a fireplace in your living room… where it is a pleasure to sit.
  • In a reception room … a charming welcome.
  • And elsewhere,… perhaps in a shoe shop , or lingerie boutique!
  • In brief, anywhere where you will get pleasure from seeing or using these beautiful things.


  • Laurence Z.   « I could easily see your armchair in a hotel bedroom or a high class tearoom. »
  • Sophie M.   « What Elegance! »