The Stella Collection – Voltaire

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1 – Stiffened springs, plant fiber filler on the seat and backrest.   A lump, made from the plant fiber filler, is incorporated into the backrest at the level of the kidneys.

2 – Packed with plant fiber filler and supported by jute burlap with small stitches every centimeter.    Stitching of the seat and backrest makes the structure firm.

3 – ‘Mise en blanc’ with a white canvas stretched and nailed every centimeter. The Armchair is ready to be dressed!

4 – Dress: A Night-dress under a starlit sky!

  • Four spray- coats of mat black paint on the wood, sand papered between each coat so that the finish is ultra shiny and smooth.
    A Covering of night blue/black moire fabric.  The finish of the fabric is fabulous, like satin or silk and the work painstakingly thorough.
  • A strip of woven ribbons in the colors of a full moon. The creation and realization suited the chair because of its form and the fringe was sewn on top in the style of a fashion designer dress!
  • A cloud of transparent Swarovski rhinestones is sprinkled on the chair. The move, from a sketch begins on the backrest, then it moves to one side of the chair and disperses in the fringe of ribbons.

Bijouseat excels…

  • in a Bedroom,
  • in a Reception room or Sittingroom,
  • in a Shoeshop or in the Lingerie Department of a high class store!


  • Marilyn M.   « Specially designed for my Reception room, I look at it every day with great pleasure ».